Today Digital Marketplace FAQs

Posted on April 4, 2024
by John Davis

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace FAQs - UC Today, CX Today, XR Today

The marketplaces across UC Today, CX Today and XR Today showcase the top vendors in their respective fields, highlighting their products, events and latest news. 

It serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals and buyers seeking information about top brands in their respective fields. 

You can access our Marketplaces online here: 

How can my company get listed in the Marketplace Directory?

If your company is not listed in our Marketplace Directory and you wish to be included, simply reach out to your account manager. 

We’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary information and requirements for inclusion. 

Marketplace inclusion is part of some of our sponsored packages, but a company does not necessarily need a sponsored package to be included. Some vendors will be included through editorial discretion. 

Why isn’t my company’s logo featured in the Marketplace visualisation and/or article?

Our Market Maps, which showcase various vendor logos, are designed to provide a sample of leading vendors in each category. 

Vendor inclusion in Market Maps is an editorial decision and not based on commercial activities. The team strives to represent a diverse range of vendors across different categories. 

What are the qualifying criteria for appearing in the Market Map images and articles being promoted?

While we aim to include a wide range of leading technology vendors in our Market Maps, the selection process is based on various factors such as industry relevance, editorial coverage, and participation in industry events. 

While we cannot guarantee inclusion for every vendor, we endeavour to showcase a cross-section of the most interesting and influential brands in each category. 

We also do not sell inclusion to the Market Maps or accompanying articles; inclusion is based solely on editorial discretion. 

When are the Market Map articles updated?

We strive to keep our Market Map articles up to date but we do not have resource to update them in real-time.  

The date provided at the top of the article will display the last time the content was updated. 

We write each article from scratch ahead of the annual launch of each Marketplace and refresh them halfway through the cycle. 

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

Relevant vendors can sponsor the headline Marketplace sections (UC, Teams, CX, for example) and also each individual category. 

Please reach out to your account manager or to find out more. 

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