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What does a Campaign Performance Report look like?

Tracking Campaign Performance the Right Way

Published: January 5, 2023
What does a Campaign Performance Report look like?

Rob Scott

Achieving the best possible results from a marketing campaign starts with one simple thing: the right data. The only way to ensure promotional efforts are making the right impact is to measure the correct metrics. That’s why, at Today Digital, we provide our clients with transparent insights into their results, with comprehensive campaign performance reports.

Campaign performance reports are how we outline the crucial outcomes of each campaign, looking at the most important and relevant metrics connected to growth. In particular, these reports focus on two key areas: interaction metrics, and engagement metrics.

Here’s what clients can expect to see in our campaign performance reports.

An Introduction to Campaign Performance Reports

The marketing landscape is always evolving, which is why we’re committed to consistently updating our reports, to provide our clients with the most lucrative insights. In 2022, we expanded how we report on campaigns and key performance insights, to provide clients with an overview of what’s actually working for their brands, and what’s not.

Our reports are designed not only to inform and educate clients, but also to ensure our teams can deliver the right results for each company’s goals. Example metrics may include:

  • Page views
  • Unique visitors
  • Display impressions
  • Email opens
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Display click-through rate
  • Email click-throughs
  • LinkedIn Reactions
  • YouTube views
  • Social video views
  • Twitter engagements

We deliver these reports with all qualifying client campaigns for a few key reasons. First, they allow us to provide our clients with an insight into the status of their campaign, covering the work completed, the published dates of content, and links to any created content. Secondly, they provide an overview of how each content piece performs on each distribution channel.

Our DemandStudio team closely monitors each relevant metric, working to consistently optimise and enhance the performance of any piece which may not be meeting our internal benchmarks.

What’s more, these Campaign Performance reports also show our clients what they’re getting for their money, by highlighting a clear return on investment.

What to Expect from the Report

At Today Digital, our customer success team is responsible for providing our clients with the information generated about their campaigns. This means they’re also on hand to answer any questions clients might have after receiving the report. To make the data easier to process, each report is also broken down into four clear sections:

  • The Campaign Summary: What the campaign was, and what it involved
  • Interaction metrics: How people are interacting with the content
  • Engagement metrics: How people are responding to the content
  • Interactions & Engagement Metrics Defined: Overviews of what each metric means

Notably, not every box in the report will be filled out every time, as the scope can vary depending on the brand, topic, and technology used in the campaign. Additionally, there are no guarantees about what each report will show. Performance can vary from one campaign to the next; however, it goes without saying that we endeavour to exceed industry standard benchmarks.

In summary, the performance report allows you to see a detailed breakdown of the campaign and how each content asset is performing, as well as providing our own team with guidance on which next steps to take. If you have questions about your own Campaign Performance Report, contact our Customer Success team to learn more.