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What Does Multi-Publication Mean?

Feature in focus - why Multi-Publication is important to B2B technology brands

Published: January 6, 2023

Rob Scott

The digital world is a diverse place, full of different avenues to explore for users in search of information, entertainment, and guidance. The challenge for most businesses investing in marketing and promotion strategies, is figuring out where they should position their brands to connect with the widest selection of engaged leads.

Here at Today Digital, we know how important it is for companies to ensure they’re consistently targeting the right consumers and buyers with their advertising content. That’s why, over the years, we’ve expanded and segmented our publishing strategy, producing a selection of hyper-focused publications, targeted at unique audiences in the technology sector.

As a multi-publication company, we provide our clients with a fantastic opportunity to choose exactly which platform they want to promote their services and solutions on. This ensures every company can home in on the customers most valuable to their brand.

Working with a Multi-Publication Company

Today Digital owns a group of niche technology publications, focused on areas like XR, UC, and CX. When clients choose to work with us to promote their business to our global audience, they have the option to choose which publications they feature on. We also offer our clients the chance to decide which channels we use to distribute and promote their content.

In 2023, Today Digital introduced a new “multi-publication” capability, which empowers our customers to publish content directly to specific locations and audiences. This new feature is powered by our DemandStudio team, and offers a range of distinct benefits to brands. As part of the solution, we consistently share valuable metric reports and insights with each of our clients, along with performance data from each distribution channel and publication.

Our multi-publication offering is part of Today Digital’s extensive strategy for helping business leaders rapidly engage, reach, and convert the right prospects and leads. When we create content for a client, we assign the best journalist suited to their requirements and subject matter, and consistently create content tuned to the interests of each target audience.

Should You Explore Multi-Publication?

Whenever our clients engage Today Digital to create content for their promotional strategies, they will now have the opportunity to determine exactly how and where they want to publish that content. Our clients can enjoy flexible access to all of our focused publications, whether they’re promoting blog posts, articles, press release content, or video content.

Companies in search of a highly agile, scalable, and targeted solution for reaching their audience can start planning their multi-publication strategy with Today Digital today. You can discuss your options with our experts by contacting our commercial team.