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What is a BIG Update Video Session?

BIG Update Videos Engage Audiences

Published: February 2, 2023
What is a BIG Update Video Session?

Rob Scott

For technology brands, video can be a powerful tool for activating, engaging, and converting customers. As the world grows increasingly visual, customers are relying on video to learn about brands, explore product options, and even leverage the tools they purchase.

A BIG Update video is one of the many video-focused promotional techniques offered at Today Digital. Essentially, this video session provides B2B companies with an opportunity to regale their audience with insights into their latest products, solutions, and announcements.

Here’s everything business leaders should know about BIG Update Sessions.

Defining the BIG Update Video Session

A BIG Update video session is an informative and educational piece of content, designed to engage customers at virtually every stage of the intent cycle. We find visitors from all backgrounds watching these videos. They’re used by customers to discover new brands, evaluate market options, and even help them make purchasing decisions. Plus, they even give companies a chance to engage their existing customers, generating greater loyalty and retention.

To ensure you reach the right audience, our expert team uses demographic, firmographic, technographic, and psychographic data, to target the ideal customer profile (ICP) for each session. Every video is powered and managed by our Demand Studio team, which means it provides clients with data-driven insights to work with. We provide a full report of all interactions and engagements, tracking video performance data across every B2B channel where possible.

This ensures every business we work with can get a behind-the-scenes insight into the results of their campaigns, and how their videos are resonating with their target audience.

How BIG Update Video Sessions Work

A BIG Update isn’t just an announcement; it’s a behind-the-scenes look at an exciting news story from one of our client companies. The videos are formatted as an interview between a Today Digital journalist and an assigned speaker.

This sponsored content is delivered on a yearly basis, across all of our focused channels. We have a BIG UC Update, Big CX Update, and a Big XR Update video series, designed to inform our audience of the latest products produced by our clients, and their roadmap for innovation in the year ahead.

For tech vendors, BIG Update sessions are a chance to connect with an already engaged audience, showcasing their latest products and portfolio. These videos put the product first, highlighting the brand, followed by their services and solutions. The sessions provide a comprehensive insight into the features and benefits of each product in the portfolio, looking at potential outcomes, and what the company has already achieved with its existing clients.

To keep each session fresh and relevant, we connect the products on show with the latest workplace trends, and the hottest topics in the industry. At the end of each BIG Update video session, we’ll include a call-to-action next step, prompting viewers to request a demo, access a free trial, download a guide, or contact the company.

If you want to learn more about what BIG Update sessions can do for your business, contact the team at Today Digital today.