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What is a TV Edition Video?

An Introduction to TV Edition Video Marketing

Published: January 16, 2023
What is a TV Edition Video?

Rob Scott

Today, video is one of the most popular tools available for any business or online marketer. According to studies, around 86% of marketing professionals already leverage video as a marketing tool, and 78% of these experts say it directly increased sales for their business.

One of the best things about video is how versatile it can be. Video doesn’t just come in one flavour, there are endless ways to connect with your audience through demos, webinars, and social media content. A TV Edition Video is one of the best marketing tools we offer here at Today Digital.

These videos accelerate thought leadership, brand awareness, and opportunities, through an interview-style interaction. The interview is hosted by one of our journalists and you can choose which speaker you want to be present, as well as which topics you want to cover.

How Does a TV Edition Video Work?

TV Edition videos are excellent for businesses who might just be getting started in the video marketing landscape, as there’s very little work required on your behalf. One of our journalists will be responsible for asking questions and keeping the flow of the conversation going. All you need to do is assign a brand representative to answer these questions.

With TV Edition videos, all of the content is pre-planned, and the discussion points are agreed in advance, so there are none of the nasty surprises involved in a traditional interview. However, in some cases, the conversation may flow in different directions, which can be a great way to make the content more engaging and authentic.

We use an online video recording studio to record the interview. Once the conversation is finished, our video editing team transforms it with your brand logo, while ironing out any potential issues. Most of the time, these videos are about 10-20 minutes long, but they can essentially be as long as they need to be to ensure the audience gets the most value.

We call TV Edition videos “TV Edition” because they can all be found in the same place, within the “TV” tab on our main menu. However, you can also find the content in corresponding categories and on the home page of our website. Cross-marketing promotion also drives our videos across YouTube, social media, and Google search.

How Tech Brands Leverage TV Edition Videos

TV Edition videos from Today Digital are easy to access and publish. Once a video draft is ready, it’s sent to our client for approval before it’s published. Some companies choose to publish the content straight away, while others prefer to roll it out at a specific team.

Once the content is published, our DemandStudio team will continue to promote the video across all of our social channels. Depending on the package you agree to with our team, we can also target your ideal customer profile to help boost engagement.

Generally, we’ll suggest hot topics, product announcements, and other valuable ideas to build the content around, with a focus on getting you the most engagement possible. Plus, we add your CTA (Call-to-action) to the end of the content, to help direct viewers to the next stage of their journey.

A TV Edition video is a great way to shine the light on your product or company, with minimal effort from your marketing and branding team.