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What is an Influencer Edition Video?

An Introduction to Influencer Edition Video Marketing

Published: January 23, 2023
What is an Influencer Edition Video?

Rob Scott

As demand for video content ramps up around the world, countless companies are experimenting with new ways to bring more visual assets into their marketing campaigns. Today, around 73% of consumers are influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase, particularly when their content includes video components.

Here at Today Digital, we offer a range of video content options to our customers, to help them engage, and convert their target audience. An “Influencer Edition” video is one of the exciting mediums we can provide to help drive attention towards your brand.

In an Influencer Edition video, the content includes a three-way conversation between a host (journalist or presenter), the brand, and an independent subject matter expert.

How Do Influencer Edition Videos Work?

Similar to the other forms of video content marketing offered by Today Digital, Influencer Edition videos are tools for driving conversions, sales, and opportunities for brands. The purpose of an Influencer Edition video is to generate thought leadership and credibility for a brand, by connecting them to a third-party, expert endorsement.

The subject matter expert or “influencer” provides additional thought leadership and insights throughout the discussion. This not only stimulates the flow of the conversation, but it can also help to attract a wider range of viewers to the content.

Influencers typically come with their own fans and followers already, so they’re excellent for accelerating the exposure of the video on their own channels. For companies looking to turbo-charge their brand reputation, an Influencer Edition video could be the ideal choice.

Top Tips for Influencer Edition Videos

Like most video marketing campaigns, Influencer Edition videos work best when they’re used with the right strategy. Here are some of the key pieces of advice we offer clients to ensure their content always hits the right note:

  • Find the right influencer: Choose a subject matter or expert with a strong connection to your existing target audience. Make sure they’re relevant to the topic that’s going to be covered, and that they already have a strong following online.
  • Focus on industry knowledge: A good subject matter expert should already have a clear understanding of the industry to be discussed. It can be helpful to provide these professionals with insights into the company’s brand and portfolio before the interview.
  • Explore your options: At Today Digital, we have a range of independent subject matter experts to help support Influencer Edition videos. You can even ask for more than one option to choose from, to ensure you earn the right results.
  • Get the region right: Some companies prefer to choose experts with a global presence, while others target influencers with a more local audience. There are speakers available from Today Digital on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
  • Suggest your own options: If you don’t want to use one of our subject matter experts, you can suggest your own. Let us know if there’s a specialist you want to reach out to. Just keep in mind, they may cost more to feature in your videos.
  • Ask for samples: Companies can ask us for bite-sized snippets of the questions and answers from the interview to use on their social media channels. This is a great way to keep driving new engagement to your video.

Ultimately, Influencer Edition videos can generate great value for businesses. All you need to do is choose your subject matter expert wisely. Remember, these videos have a phenomenal impact, and can deliver long-lasting results if you use them correctly.