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What is Newsletter Inclusion?

An Introduction to Newsletter Inclusion

Published: January 22, 2023
What is Newsletter Inclusion?

Rob Scott

Finding ways to stand out, demonstrate credibility and showcase thought leadership in an increasingly cluttered B2B content landscape can be complex. While creating strategic content in-house can be a valuable strategy, many companies find they can accelerate their brand reach, unlock new opportunities, and generate growth, by partnering with other market-leading brands.

Earning a spot within a reputable newsletter can be an excellent way for a business leader to position their company in front of the ideal target audience. That’s why here at Today Digital, we offer our clients a chance to reach out to our existing community of dedicated readers, with “Newsletter inclusion”. Here’s how newsletter inclusion works.

What is Newsletter Inclusion?

Newsletter inclusion is exactly what it sounds like – an opportunity for brands in the B2B landscape to appear within an existing newsletter produced by the Today Digital team. Our Demand Generation and Editorial teams offer newsletter inclusion as part of a comprehensive “distribution channel strategy”, for promoting content to our weekly subscribers.

Every week, each of the Today Digital publications creates and issues three weekly newsletters:

  • The Monday Scoop: A start-of-the-week newsletter designed to offer professionals insights into the latest news from the industry as they begin their weekly schedule.
  • Midweeker: An overview of trending and popular news stories as the week unfolds. This newsletter includes brand news, feature stories, and insightful video interviews with the industry’s leading voices and vendors.
  • Weekender: At the close of the week, we issue a newsletter to provide our subscribers with learning opportunities and insights they can use to advance their understanding of the industry, and take their career to the next level.

The Benefits of Newsletter Inclusion

Each of the newsletters produced by Today Digital is led by our editorial team, and each story is hand-picked specifically for our audience. Our marketing teams use their expertise and knowledge to curate the highest-performing stories, videos, and articles into a useful report.

Our newsletters are a fantastic channel for promoting and distributing content. Here are some quick stats about our newsletter performance in 2022:

  • Each of our newsletters has an average 40% open rate (the media industry average is 23.9%)
  • Our click-to-open rate averages around 19% (the industry average is 12.4%)
  • Our click-through rates are around 8% (the industry average is 2.9%)
  • Our unsubscribe rate is only 0.1% (The industry average is around 0.1%)

Over the last year, subscriber rates have grown by 1455% for XR Today’s newsletter, 402% for CX Today, and 92% for UC Today.

Using Newsletter Inclusion for Promotion

Newsletter inclusion can be a phenomenal tool for today’s business leaders, giving them an opportunity to highlight their business benefits to an engaged community. With a little help from the Today Digital team, companies can ensure they not only reach their audience more effectively, but also improve their credibility, and expand their brand reach.