Earned Media Vs Paid Media: The Complete Guide

Earned Media Vs Paid Media

Content is king in the digital world and the key to attracting or converting any audience. The right “media” helps businesses boost brand awareness, earn customers’ loyalty, and even improve their reputation online. However, there’s more than one type of content to consider. A company pays for some forms of media to generate specific results, […]

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What Is Editorial Coverage? An Introduction

What Is Editorial Coverage An Introduction

Thriving in a cluttered digital landscape means producing and curating various content types. Content is how B2B and B2C consumers learn about the brands they love, discover new products, and build relationships with companies. However, it’s important to remember that there are various types of content for companies to consider, each with its unique benefits.  […]

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What Is Owned Media? An Introduction

What is owned media?

What is owned media? Marketing in today’s competitive landscape requires companies to invest in various kinds of “media” or content. These varying forms of media are often separated into three distinct categories: owned, earned, and paid media.  While the strategies and methodologies are used with each type of content, the overwhelming focus is the same. […]

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How to Enhance Your Content Distribution Strategies

You’ve gone through the effort to create some fantastic, eye-catching content. After careful planning, writing, and editing, you’re convinced you’ve got some serious value to offer. Unfortunately, when you post your piece on your website, you notice you’re not getting the hype you expected. Often, the problem comes down to the “marketing” part of your […]

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Your 7 Digital Marketing Must-Haves

Let’s face it, it’s hard to capture the attention and interest of your target market these days. From a stream of near-constant email advertisements to online banner ads, pop-ups, and videos, marketing is everywhere you look. Not only do you have to contend with about a million cat pictures to get your customer’s attention, but […]

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Editorial vs Sponsored Content: What’s the Difference?

Editorial vs Sponsored Content

The media landscape has evolved drastically in the last few years. Today’s companies have so many ways to connect with their audience, investors, and future partners. Thanks to the age of digital transformation, printed content in newspapers and magazines isn’t the only way to get people talking about your company. You can raise awareness online, […]

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