What Is Intent-Based Content? An Introduction

Intend based content

Focusing on “intent” when creating content makes thinking about why customers engage with your blogs, watch your videos, or read your articles.  The age of “intent-based content” has emerged mainly as a response to changes in search engine algorithms. Tools like Google now examine intent to deliver the most relevant answers to consumer queries.  When […]

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How To Cite A Journal Article APA Style

Today Digital - How to Cite A Journal Article APA Style

Knowing how to cite a journal or article “APA style” is important when you’re writing articles or publications referencing other official sources. Citing a source correctly ensures you’re giving credit to whoever you’re quoting when you share a specific statistic or piece of information. It also means your reader can seek out the source, and […]

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What Is Structured Content? An Introduction

What is structured content

What is structured content? If you’ve ever looked into the various complex components of content marketing, you might have encountered the term “structured content”. This phrase appears frequently in SEO campaigns and website building strategies – but what does it really mean? Simply put, structured content is discoverable, reusable, and adaptable content. It’s the content […]

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