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12 Article Types to Keep your Website Interesting

Published: September 13, 2021

Rob Scott

Staring at the screen wondering what to write next? Need more content ideas for your website?

This article contains a dozen article types to keep your content fresh and interesting for your audience.

  1. Product Overviews – The more comprehensive and unique your product information is, the better it will be for your article’s Google ranking. The article explains the features and benefits (FABs) of a product or service and normally includes a call to action for lead generation purposes.
  2. Good Reasons – e.g ‘7 Good Reasons to Buy this Software’ – a snappy bulleted list of reasons, listing the headline features and benefits of a given product or service. Great for sharing on social media.
  3. Thought Leadership – Your unique perspective on a hot topic, typically demonstrating your expertise in a given area. Thought Leadership is all about having the answers to popular questions on the minds of your target audience.
  4. ‘How to’ Guides – This is one of the most powerful types of articles for your blog. People search on the web for answers, by providing a step-by-step guide on how to do something you’ll be sure to get many shares.
  5. Product Reviews – Review a product or service and rate it using Google’s rating extension feature. This is great for encouraging visitor reviews and they stand out from the crowd on Google page results.
  6. Comparison Articles – People love to ask Google to compare things for them. By creating comparison articles you’ll help buyers early on in the buying process.
  7. Resource Lists – A curated list of content on a focus topic that provides readers with links to more information. Lists are very popular due to the speed of which someone can find and review what they need. e.g Top 10 Social Media software tools for Small Business
  8. Opinion Pieces – If you’re seeking a reaction then take a controversial stance on a subject your audience is passionate about. By way of a warning, choose what you say carefully so your reputation remains intact. On the flip side, a strong opinion makes articles edgy and interesting to read.
  9. Infographics – Infographics are extremely popular nowadays, if you have access to interesting infographics then place the infographic in the article post and write 500 words about the information presented.
  10. White papers / eBooks – Similar to infographics, if you have an interesting white paper or eBook for your audience then write a summary introduction to the document. Place a form on the page and ask for your visitor’s contact information before the file is downloaded. A good way to increase your newsletter subscribers and develop new business leads.
  11. Profile Interviews – A really efficient way of creating new content is to speak to an industry expert, customer or key person of influence about an interesting topic. Plan a few questions to get you started, make a telephone call or meet for an interview and record the session. If you can’t write it up personally as a content writer to type it up in a journalistic style.
  12. Guest Posts – The simplest way to create content regularly for your web site is to ask someone else to guest blog on your site. However, finding guest bloggers isn’t easy. Try asking people you know well like colleagues and suppliers. If all else fails, pay a content writer to do it for you.