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CX Today Update – All Systems Go!

CX Today Q1 2021 Update  

Published: May 11, 2021
CX Today - Enjoy the Experience

Rob Scott

It’s been a busy few months, we launched CX Today in January and since then we’ve been working tirelessly to navigate the customer experience technology landscape.  

Redefining the CX stack 

The challenge when launching any new publication is knowing your marketplace. Since early 2020 we’ve been lifting the CX bonnet and with every lid we lift, we’ve found another complimentary layer containing another micro-ecosystem of vendors. 

Towards the end of our first quarter, we updated our CX technology stack and editorial strategy to further focus our team on the technologies, vendors and topics that our audience are searching for. 

Our focus technology areas are now in TWO parent categories Customer Engagement and Analytics. In each one of these content areas we are actively creating content in contact centre, CRM, speech analytics and workforce optimisation. In the second quarter, we’re further expanding our editorial coverage to include technologies such as helpdesk software, loyalty, feedback and business intelligence. 

Team Expansion 

From the start of the second quarter, we have doubled the CX team from four to eight talented and enthusiastic individuals. This includes a new commercial lead and two video presenters which will further develop our CX TV channel offering. 

The team are driven and hungry for news stories so proactivity is a must. We’re committed to generating unique stories as much as cover the important inbound stories that arrive in the news desk inbox on a daily basis. We’re also keen to build our events page which is now starting to show signs of growth now that in-person events are starting to come back online. 

Essential Resources 

As many of you will know, our annual market guide is one of our most popular downloadable resources. In April we launched the CX Market Guide and the week after we launched our new range of digital buyer’s guides, namely, CX Smart Guides. I’m sure you’ll agree, they look fantastic and will prove to be valuable resources for industry professionals and business leaders from end-customer organisations. 

Content Creation and Performance 

Pageviews and unique visitors are vanity metrics that we get asked for a lot and I’m pleased to report that all common metrics are pointing to the top right-hand corner. HoweverHowever, as you’ll appreciate we’re a start-up publication, so we had to wait a while for Google to fully index our content. So whilst we’re on a journey with the numbers, the visitor traffic is rich and highly engaged. 

If you remember before we launched in January, our plan was to go out of the gates with lots of great content about the right technologies, topics and brands – we’ve done just that. Our team has generated over 250 stories in Q1 and with our expanded team in place, we envisage this doubling in the second quarter. 

On the search front, Google has been kind and we’re now generating a lot of organic traffic to our web site and using some clever analytics platforms we’re satisfied that we’re attracting the right type of traffic from the right geographic regions. Underpinned by some very intelligent data analytics tools and a range of targeted email and social campaigns, we’re understanding more and more about our audience each week. 

We’re still very heavily intent focused when it comes to strategic content, which means that our SEO strategy is aligned to the various buying stages of the customer journey. Coupling this with the latest and freshest news and a visually pleasing user experience we believe we’ll continue to build our audience month on month. 

What’s next? 

To summarise, we’re committed to defining a new CX technology marketplace that encompasses all the latest customer experience and engagement platforms. In Q2 we’re expanding our editorial coverage into new technology categories, in all the latest digital formats and across the most popular channels. 

CX Today is underpinned by a fanatical team here at Today Digital, we look forward to sharing your news and insights!