Introducing Tech Summit

Posted on September 29, 2021
by Rob Scott

The B2B Online Event Experience from Today Digital

Introducing Tech Summit

The Event Industry Has Evolved  

Unpredictable, and unprecedented, the events of 2020 had an immeasurable impact on the world as we knew it. Work, life, and even educational experiences seemed to change overnight. The events industry saw some of the biggest transformations of all.  

Way back at the beginning of 2020, when Today Digital was launching its first online conference, virtual events were still “off the radar”. Now, the Post-Covid event outlook report reveals over 93% of organisers are planning to invest in virtual events going forward.  

Currently, virtual events are growing at a rate of around 23.2% CAGR, promising businesses of all backgrounds a way to continue connecting with customers, even when physical interactions are impossible.  

Virtual Events are the Future (and Present) 

Many companies successfully made the transition to virtual events during 2020 and 2021. Even as vaccinations rolled out around the globe, most companies continue to plan online interactions and hybrid experiences for their future presentations.  

For tech companies, the virtual environment makes perfect sense as an avenue for collaboration, learning, and conferencing. Most teams are already familiar with the necessary tools, and their consumers are growing increasingly confident with videos, webinars, and online platforms too.  

At Today Digital, we’ve been on the front line of the shift to virtual events since the beginning. We know our customers need meaningful ways to interact with their audience in an environment that’s often unpredictable. The virtual events landscape provides a new frontier for brand/consumer interaction, combining data, analytics, and convenience, with cost-savings and accessibility. 

Companies can learn more about their audiences with insights into real-time and historical analytics, guidance on buyer behaviour, and more. Today’s digital buyers also get the freedom to pursue the ideas they’re most interested in, without travelling around the globe.  

Virtual Events will Continue to Evolve 

Over the last year, we’ve seen a huge influx in the number of people using virtual event platforms and technology. As the format continues to demonstrate its value, the number of new tools and trends emerging in the landscape will grow. Already, companies are experimenting with things like AI and machine learning to deliver more unique, personalized experiences.  

Market leaders are looking at things like extended reality to enhance hybrid and virtual events, allowing people to bring digital content into the real world, or step into a virtual version of an event environment with a headset.  

Virtual events provide a convenient way for people around the world to join together, regardless of travel and budget restraints. This paves the way to greater reach and new opportunities in any technology landscape. The right virtual events could even enhance standard experiences, with things like real-time live translation, automatic note-taking, and more. 

Here at Today Digital, we’re embracing the future of events and education, with a forward-thinking platform for digital and hybrid events. Our unique experience in the sector will give decision-makers and business leaders a unique place to come together and share meaningful experiences.  

Events have evolved. It’s time for tech brands to evolve with them. 

What is Tech Summit? 

Tech Summit is a celebration of digital transformation, and an opportunity for learning and conversation, all rolled into one. 

When we introduced the first UC Summit in January 2021, we had no idea how rapidly the virtual event landscape would evolve, or how crucial online experiences would become. Now, in this almost post-pandemic world, virtual events have the potential to be at the heart of the technology buying roadmap. Here at Today Digital, we decided to expand our investment in digital events, to help people from all backgrounds make the right choices when it comes to next-gen technology. 

Tech Summit is an evolution of the UC Summit environment. If you’ve joined us for our UC Summit before, you’ll know that this community experience is committed to providing people from all backgrounds with information, guidance, and inspiration from some of the top UC brands in the world. Tech Summit follows similar principles, with a focus on the entire B2B tech space. 

Our New Multi-Instance Environment for Virtual Experience 

Just as UC Summit empowers business leaders and technology investors with the tools they need to choose UC solutions, Tech Summit will pave the way to better decision-making elsewhere. The landscape is our multi-instance virtual event platform and home to the following key events: 

  • UC Summit 
  • UC Partner Summit 
  • CX Summit 
  • XR Summit 

Each individual summit will come with its own selection of trending topics and focus areas to discuss, as well as keynotes from market leaders and amazing educational experiences. We can’t wait for you to join us as we climb to ever-greater heights with the Tech Summit ecosystem. 

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