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Today Digital Shortlisted for Employer of the Year 2024 at the PPA Awards

Today Digital Sets New Standards for Employee Wellbeing in the Publishing Industry

Published: May 29, 2024
PPA Awards -Today Digital - Employer of the Year Shortlist

Rob Scott

We’re honoured to announce that Today Digital has been shortlisted for Employer of the Year 2024  at the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Awards. Since we launched in 2017, we’ve been committed to not only becoming a world-leading publisher in the B2B technology sector, but also creating a working environment that empowers and inspires.

This year, the PPA Awards have recognised our efforts towards optimising employee engagement and satisfaction for our growing team. Our innovative work models, and unique practices have consistently enhanced employee wellbeing, while also driving substantial growth and market disruption.

Not only where we one of the earliest adopters of the remote and hybrid work models, even before the pandemic, but throughout the years, we’ve consistently experimented with new ways to give our team a fulfilling, enjoyable work experience.

An Innovative Approach to Employee Engagement

Our application for Employer of the Year showcases our fully-remote structure, and innovative 4-day work week. Since we launched the 4-day model, we’ve seen enhanced productivity and a rise in content performance, despite our team’s reduced working hours.

Additionally, our dedication to technological advancement means we’re always integrating new tools and applications that reduce repetitive tasks, and help employees focus on high-value activities.

Rob Scott, Today Digital’s Founder and Publisher commented on the achievement, stating:

“Our nomination for Employer of the Year at the PPA Awards is a testament to our core belief that the wellbeing of our team is paramount. We have made incredible strides over the years, from transitioning to a 4-day work week, to embracing technology to enhance productivity, and fostering a supportive, inclusive culture. All of these steps are part of wider commitment to not just sustaining, but elevating every member of our team. This recognition validates our efforts and fuels our drive for continued growth and leading by example in the B2B tech news landscape.”

Our People-First Approach to Growth

At Today Digital, we believe in constantly fostering a vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive company culture. We regularly refresh our business processes, and encourage consistent, transparent, and open communication, ensuring every team member feels valued and heard.

Rob Scott said: “The results of our initiatives speak volumes. We’ve achieved a record drop in employee turnover, a significant reduction in sick days, and increased engagement levels, all while sustaining double-digit growth that surpasses industry trends. These accomplishments underscore our eligibility for the Employer of the Year award, reflecting our continuous effort to not just meet but exceed industry standards and innovate within our market.”

We’re thrilled to be recognised for the incredible culture we’ve built over the years, and remain committed to advancing our employee experience, making Today Digital a great place to work.