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A Year of AI, Growth and Success for Today Digital

Charting Our Course: A Year of Breakthroughs and Innovations in B2B Tech Journalism

Published: December 18, 2023

Rob Scott

This year in the realm of technology vendors, the surge of innovation has been nothing short of extraordinary. The rise of generative AI, notably OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has sparked a race among vendors to incorporate transformative features into their platforms.

Many have dubbed this the “Year of AI,” a sentiment I share with a caveat: it’s the year the world truly grasped AI’s essence, experiencing its speed, capability, and potential to revolutionize our future lives.

The work environment is evolving rapidly. The push towards returning to offices has posed challenges for many companies, fostering continued investment in technology and a shift in the mindset of business leaders to embrace a new era of hybrid work.

The domain of business technology news has been remarkable this year, and I’m thrilled to report unprecedented interest in the technologies, topics, and brands we cover.

The future of tech shines brightly, filled with excitement. My advice: embrace these new technologies, and you’ll flourish. The tech industry is keenly focused on addressing real-world problems, and with tools like generative AI and mixed reality headsets, you’re empowered like never before.

This Year’s Achievements

As I reflect on this year, I am filled with pride and amazement at what we’ve accomplished. Here’s a deeper look into our top 10 highlights and achievements:

1. Our News Team’s Triumph: This year, our team have broken new ground in journalism. We’ve created even better content and witnessed our traffic soar to new heights. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and understanding of what resonates with our audience.

2. Embracing the AI Revolution: The “Year of AI” has been a game-changer for us. Integrating tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT into our operations has revolutionized how we work. Covering AI advancements extensively has not only kept our audience informed but also solidified our position as thought leaders in tech journalism.

3. Revolutionizing Marketing: Our marketing strategies have set new industry standards. Achieving our goals by the third quarter was a significant milestone, reflecting our team’s deep understanding of our market and proficiency in impactful campaign execution.

4. Elevating DemandStudio: Launching an advanced tier of DemandStudio was a bold step. It’s been about offering unmatched value and return on investment, supported by fresh talent and innovative processes. This move marks our commitment to delivering superior services.

5. Transition to HubSpot: Moving to HubSpot for our sales and marketing operations was a strategic leap towards a more cohesive and data-driven future. Despite some initial delays, this shift has greatly enhanced our ability to engage with our customers more effectively.

6. Adopting a 4-Day Work Week: Implementing a 4-day work week was a significant decision. It underscores our belief that employee well-being is crucial for growth and success. This initiative has brought about a positive change in our workplace culture and productivity.

7. Exceeding Revenue Goals: Surpassing our revenue targets with a streamlined team has been one of our biggest achievements. This success is a reflection of our team’s efficiency and the effectiveness of our strategies, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

8. Sharper Marketing and Editorial Focus: We’ve honed our marketing and editorial strategies to be more targeted and data-driven. This focus has led to higher engagement rates and has positioned us as a leader in content precision and relevance.

9. Acquiring MyCustomer: The acquisition of MyCustomer from Sift Publishing has been a strategic milestone. This move not only expands our content offerings and audience reach but also opens new avenues for growth in the CX community.

10. Celebrating in Brussels: Ending the year with a celebration in Brussels was more than just fun. It was a moment to acknowledge our hard work, foster team unity, and share in our collective success, reinforcing a positive and productive company culture.

Looking back, this year has been nothing short of incredible. Each achievement represents a step forward in our journey, reinforcing my belief in our team’s talent and our commitment to leading the way in the B2B technology news space.

Wishing everyone a productive and prosperous 2024. Happy New Year!