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How Often Should I Post Content to my Blog?

Published: September 20, 2021

Rob Scott

Most small business owners build websites to help them gain traction online, and many of them use a blog as part of their content strategy. However, most don’t know how often they should post on their blog.

The truth is that posting frequently is often the best strategy for people who want high-ranking, shareable websites. Search engines reward fresh content and keep both new and existing customers happy. A lot of businesses post to their blog at least once a week, and this strategy appears to work quite well. So, why should you post content more frequently?

Posting Content Frequently Works

One of the main reasons you should consider posting fresh content to your blog at least once a week, is that it can help you to maintain customer relationships. When business owners develop new blog posts, they answer customer questions and help clients to see that the business is interested in giving something back to their community. In other words, you’re strengthening your bond with your target market.

Additionally, posting at a consistent time each week helps to create a rhythm for what your customers should come to expect from you. Customers begin to look forward to their regular blog posts, and check back on the website, creating regular traffic. You can even use your blog post to build new opportunities for selling and provide updates or information to your customer.

What can A Regular Blog Post do?

There is a huge collection of benefits to creating regular blog posts. The right post can be used to establish authority and credibility, or offer answers to essential customer questions. By posting at least once per week, website owners define their website as a valuable resource for their customer, giving themselves a competitive edge. Additionally, regular blog posts:

  • Keep search engines happy: It’s pretty clear that content is the key to drive better search engine traffic. Google loves fresh content when it comes to ranking websites online, and the more content you post, the more you can define the context of your business through essential keywords and phrases.
  • Make your content shareable: Every new blog post you create gives you a chance to score more points with your customers by generating extra interest and traffic. By posting new blog posts, you give yourself more chances to go viral, get blogs shared, and increase online visibility.
  • Boost your authority: Finally, your blog posts give you a chance to show your understanding of your industry to the masses. By writing good-quality posts, you not only entertain your audience but prove yourself to be a trustworthy and professional company.

Regular Blogging Grows Businesses

When you blog regularly, you give yourself countless opportunities to grow your business. Various studies show that frequent blogging has a huge impact on business growth. After all, more blogging attracts more traffic and leads.

Updating your blog at least once a week can provide double the amount of traffic associated with blogging less frequently. Small business owners can significantly increase their sales, while larger companies can expand their reach around the world.